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MAX Water bike or inflatable pedalo?

Kaicycles was founded in 2019 in Barcelona, Spain. The young company designs, manufactures and sells nautical craft such as pedal boats, water bikes and electric catamarans.

All these boats are accessible to everyone, and their highly versatile design allows for multiple water activities – sports, trips out, fishing, sight-seeing, and even rescue. All products are modular, dismantlable and transportable, customizable, and above all use a zero-emissions propulsion. The Max Waterbike catamaran seen here is the most basic model in the catalog: it looks a bit like a double inflatable paddleboard with a central structure that only serves as a link between the two hulls and as a support for the seat, the handlebars and the pedals. Other models capable of accommodating more passengers are also available.

Price: € 3,300.00

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